Shop with Scrip

Each vendor that participates in Scrip sets their own amount so it varies. The average is 5%. When you look at the vendor list and/or start to shop the amount -that vendor gives will be stated. The range is from 1% - 14%, every so often a vendor has a special where they give more during that time, 1 or 2 of the vendors give 17%-20% at that time.
I did the numbers to this question since it comes up so often. If 300 families used Scrip for eating out, shopping, and those extras throughout (clothes, gifts, shoes, makeup, hobbies/working around the house) the amount back to the school would range from $30-$45 per family/per month. Now times that by 300 (less than half of families and staff at Compass) and in nine months at least $81,000 would be raised just by Scrip.
Yes! Please see the slide show on the How It Works tab, then just click on the links for additional information.
You are able to purchase ScripNow cards (e-cards) and reload cards you have gotten anytime you want to, all year long.

First decided if you want to set up an account online or if you want to use the paper order forms only. Then choose whether you want to set up Presto Pay or pay by check for your orders. Checks are made payable to Compass PTSA.

Scrip orders are place Thursday at 1 p.m., all orders have to be placed prior to that time. (See below the process based on how you order) Orders may be picked up the following Friday morning (8 days later) in the office.

Online Account & Presto Pay
Families that have both set up for Scrip must submit their order by Thursday noon. You may order ScripNow and reload purchased cards anytime you want

Online Account & paying by check
Submit your order online by Wednesday and the check must be dropped off (office or special box) by the end of day Wednesday. The coordinator will review the checks to orders on Thursday morning. This will allow your order to be submitted on Thursday as well.

Paper Order form & paying by check
Fill out the Paper Order Form (available on this website) by Wednesday. Drop off the order form and your check to the office or box by the end of Wednesday. This allows the coordinator to pick the paper orders on Thursday morning and submit you order with all the other orders.

Yes, though only physical cards. It must be returned within 2 weeks after you purchased the card, there is a minimum $5 restocking fee, and the process could take a month or two before you get your money back. ScripNow and reloads are not returnable.
Due to a rise in fraud that Scrip has experienced with other schools and non-profits it was recommended we not to put this online. You could ask the office or email the coordinator for the code.